It's My Birthday!!!!! {giveaway}

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!
My first birthday going with the hubs 2009
So far today has been a pretty good birthday. Since the husband is out of town I got to park in the garage which was awesome yesterday with the rain and all. The drive to work I had a killer run of music right in a row, little AC/DC, Locked Out of Heaven, some 80's. A colleague brought in some doughnuts for my birthday.

So far today I'm definitely winning. We shall see how the drive to Lisle looks though with the massive flooding nearby my parents. Tonight my parents, Louie & Bethany and I are going into the Field Museum for their members night. It's like when you were in elementary school and on parent teacher night you would open up your desk and your parents got to see everything you were working on. It's pretty awesome. I'm definitely going to make sure I try and get some good photos for you! I might even attempt to use my Instagram!
Birthday 2010 .. we started out at like 12 of us and this was what was left at 3am.  Terry is not thrilled to still be up at 3 ha.
In the mean time check out my guest post over at One Haole Girl more Chicago loving.  Tarole is so sweet and I always love seeing her face pop up in my feeds, her smile is so warm : )  I've got a giveaway going on as part of my guest post too.  As we say in the Windy City ... Enter early, enter often ; )  

  1. Hmm...I would probably wear the jewelry set to an event this summer =)
    Happy birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and that the flooding doesn't kill your celebrations :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, hope you had the best day!



  4. Happy Bday!!!! Hope you had a great day :)


  5. happy birthday! thanks for the giveaway!

  6. For some reason I can't comment on your blog when I read it through bloglovin'. BLAH.

    Happy happy birthday! Hope it was great.