Happy Birthday to my Brother!!

April 13th is my brother's 34th birthday!!

My older brother is the best.  Like most siblings growing up we drove each other nuts.  Well at least I drove him nuts being the younger annoying sibling : )  Boy am I good at that job haha.  

This is my favorite photo of my brother as a baby.  My dad totally still rocks the 70's stache.  Must be where I get that from!  There are also some hilarious photos of my brother in the tub as a baby.  He is not a fan of those.  I almost put those in the wedding slide show but I thought better of it.  

Like any good little sister I copied my brother with so much (and still do according to him).  One of our biggest loves is Star Wars.  When he was younger for an entire summer he would run around in his Darth Vader outfit.  Now if you must know anything about Chicago summers they are hot and humid.  Supposedly the neighbors were always worried he would get too hot and pass out.  I've never actually seen a photo of him dressed up but I'm sure there must be some so I will have to search and find them for you. 

More fun childhood photos.  Yes that is yours truly : )

Since I graduated high school we have grown closer.  I decided to follow in his footsteps again and attend Valparaiso University.  My brother came out and visited a few times.  Even coming in to take me out for my 21st birthday!  Nothing crazy but there was a choice of 100 beers cause that's how we roll.  

 Since then we message back and forth all the time.  Kevin and I have even done double dates with my brother and Bethany.  Well I don't know if you'd consider it a "double date" so much as just hanging out with your brother and sister in law but I'm counting it!  

One of my favorite aspects of my relationship with my brother is his relationship with Kevin.  They will just sit and talk beer, Chicago sports and home improvements for hours.  It's great cause Bethany and I can put them together and go do mysterious lady things.    

It's hard to tell in this photo but they're holding a Valpo gnome.  Bethany had gotten a Tennessee gnome so of course had to make sure the brown and gold was represented.  The Valpo gnome was also way bigger than the Tennessee one!

All in all even though he's always the one who gets away with everything and get's to do everything first my brother is still awesome.  

Love you Lou!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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  1. Aw Happy Birthday to him!! (You even had to almost copy his birthday, didn't you?! Stealing his thunder)