Happy Birthday Dad! {Free Ad Space}

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
I love my dad so much!  He's the best dad.  Always there when you need him whether it's just to talk with me on gchat for a couple of hours cause I'm alone at work (in the creepy basement!) or when he drives an hour to get you when something goes wrong with your car. 

I have so much to say about my dad but I will save that for another post since it is his birthday and I should be hanging out with him! So instead of more about my dad in print here are some fun photos of us : )  Look how young I am!

In honor of my dad cause he's awesome I'm doing a free ad space blitz!  For the next two weeks let's say (who knows maybe I'll let it go longer!)  use HappyBdayDad to get any of my spaces for FREE!  Use it as many times (choose a larger quantity  as you like cause it's unlimited!  I know I'm not a big fish yet but I would LOVE to get to know more bloggers, grow with people and just interact more blog to blog.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!
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