Condo Shaming

Before I get into my self shaming, I heard from my doctor today they did overnight test on my throat cultures.   I have strep!!!  Talked to my mom today and we're pretty sure I haven't had it since third grade (when I had it like 6 times no joke) and I'm going to be 28 so you do that math on that one.  

Spring has definitely sprung in the Chicago area.  At least the whole spring cleaning bug has sprung.  I have seen at least four friends on Facebook  countless pins and multiple blog posts on the subject popping up in the past week.  I feel so inspired by these things and then I look up from my computer and take a look around our condo.  EEK!  

It is not good.  Kevin and I are very alike in this aspect of our personalities.  Neither of us are the type of people who are just inherently neat.  Even when we really work at being neater things still seem chaotic and messy.  In addition I am not decorative at all.  Some people have that Mary Poppins decorating her room type awesomeness,  where she just casually tosses the items in the area and they magically fall into place and look lovely.  

Since one of my bettering myself goals is to be neater and have a better sense of style in our house I figure I would put it out there (shame myself lol) and maybe everyone will keep me honest and on top of things!  I Would also love any ideas or suggestions people have.    
My Pampered Chef corner.  I've already come to terms with the fact that I will probably need to pack up items I don't use often and only get them when needed.

Fourth shelf is all of my cookbooks a good chunk are getting packed tonight!  The rest is Kevin's mess. 

I haven't used my desk in at least two months .... 

There it is.  The worst parts of our little home.  They really make our home much smaller than it needs to be. Here's to some major spring cleaning and organizing!

  1. Spend a Saturday (yes, on the weekend) cleaning out everything you don't need. Make a few stacks: Use all the time, never use, I might use, Trash. Sort accordingly! Treat yourself to ice cream after. :)

  2. Have fun cleaning doll!!

  3. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!