What am I doing next ... pinterest version

Sorry I didn't post yesterday!  I thought I would have time in the afternoon but being my last day at the Field there was so much going on  I didn't have time!  Then for the first time since using my new train line it was late, I barely had time to chow down on a quick dinner before my V-blate workshop with the awesome Samantha and Kaitlyn.  I would seriously do another with them it was a great tool.  I got mine as part of my ad space with Samantha (which was also a good experience for me!) but you can do them a la carte with the ladies as well.  Definitely look into if you're looking to improve on your blog. 

Now that my gushing is done on to my next DIY project!  I've decided I'm going to be mean though hee hee.  I'm not going to actually straight up tell what the project is.  My goal is to work on it tonight while the hubby is at band practice and I can commander our table (which doubles as his desk).  

While you're guessing please feel free to suggest which one I do next as well. Since we know by now that I can't make decisions : )

Can't get much easier than gluing paper to Styrofoam right? Maybe I would do a smaller size square

This one seems very labor intensive! Kinda reminds me of crafts you did when you were a kid.

Magnets are my new favorite thing! I made a few through Shutterfly and it was awesome. A great way to add photos to your house and be practical about it too. I'm always all about double uses for things. I think I smell future Christmas and Birthday gifts ...

Source: etsy.com via Betsy on Pinterest

I would probably attempt this with Modge Podge (my new favorite thing!!!!) and tissue paper. Since I have a ton of both after my first project. Maybe blue and green?

These look so awesome and they're actually something substantial. Not like some coasters that a flimsy.

Source: youstirme.com via Betsy on Pinterest

This one is so simple, I like simple. What a great idea for all the extra invites! You could probably do this with other important things. Maybe one of the twelve marriage certificates they told me I should get and no one has even asked for? : )

Which do you think is my project this week?  What is your vote for my next DIY?  or should I do one totally not on this list?!  I've got plenty more pinned : )

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