One of the best days of my life & Giveaway

Six years ago March 31st was one of the best days of my life.  Nope it wasn't my wedding, a big birthday or the day I met Kevin.  It was my brother's wedding!  I know I've mentioned a few times how much I love my sister in law Bethany but I love my big brother too!  He is the best big brother, always there if I need him, always offering advice on important things like beer or football, inspiring my love of Star Wars and Valpo Crusaders.  Heck I'm sure I could do a whole post just about my brother ... : )

Their wedding took place during my senior year at Valpo.  I ended up coming home a few times for the various festivities.  The show was at a fabulous tapas restaurant in Naperville, IL, Meson Sabika.  Head to their website the building itself is beautiful and supposedly haunted!  It was a beautiful day.  I actually helped with so much of the day it was such a new experience for me.  Since I was still in college no one I knew until that point was getting married so I got to help my mom make the centerpieces and the favors using vases and beautiful stemware favors (thank you IKEA for pretty glassware for good prices!).  This is a photo of my mom, me, Bethany, her sister Thais & her mom Gwen.

The bachelorette provided more firsts for me.  Instead of doing the typical go out, get drunk and throw penis items all about Bethany opted for a fabulous spa day!  OMG it was fabulous.  Manis/Pedis and massages at the spa.  Now this isn't just any spa this is a high quality one where they provide you robes to walk around in the afternoon, you get munchies and fancy healthy drinks.  I'm not sure I could afford to go back to a place like that again but man it was nice.  It was also the start of my life long massage and pedicure addictions.  
Rehearsal & dinner was pretty uneventful except for the pastor saying Louie & Betsy (eep!) and Bethany's sister bawling her eyes out the entire time.  The day of was amazing.  Bethany went to school to be an event planner and has a flair of being able to pull events, outfits and rooms together.  The theme was browns and pink and polka dots.  It was a great night of delicious food, great family & friends, and tons of dancing.  

Now for a photo dump of some of my favorites!

Now for the giveaway!!

  1. My Best Friend's Wedding. When they break into song at lunch is probably the most epic movie scene of all time.

  2. That is so great how you two are close!

    Sparkles and Shoes  

  3. Loved Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses

  4. The Princess Bride has always been my favorite because it's not your typical movie.