St. Pat's 2013

St. Patrick's Day weekend you definitely did not disappoint.  Let's start off with Friday.  The hubby and I just chilled out ... made a lovely dinner and watched Duck Soup.  It's a Marx brother's movie, a friend of mine in college was huge into the Marx brothers and I'm finally getting around to actually watching one of their movies.  I enjoyed it the husband was just confused at everything ... they're what the Three Stooges based their shtick on so it was definitely enjoyable.  

Saturday was insanity.  I didn't end up getting downtown early so no green river this year, maybe next year I'll cross it off the bucket list.  Uncle Fatty's definitely did not disappoint in the craziness either.  There were two fights outside with the guys banging up against our car (it's ok though), the owner of the place almost got decked by a chick (thankfully the four large bouncers took care of the tiny girl), there was this girl who just wouldn't take no for an answer and kept coming up on stage and when they finally kicked her out she kept trying to get back in.  I probably would have attempted to get in through the main door instead of attempting to go through the bouncers legs but to each their own right?

Now for the fun part ... the photos!!!  I'm sure most of them will speak for themselves.  I do so enjoy being the only sober one sometimes haha.  Also you can see my new hair color!!!




I particularly enjoy this last one of Stephanie and I.  I feel like that photo is a pretty good definition of our friendship most of the time haha.  Also you can kinda see the mustache headband I made!  I made some hair clips too.  I should probably do a blog post on how to do those huh? : )  I'm still recovering from this weekend too ... might not have drank but I'll be darned if getting home at 3:30 doesn't totally mess you up ugh!  Tired!  Catch you tomorrow.

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