Not good-bye ... just see you later

I am not a fan of good byes in general.  Sometimes you need to say good bye to something or someone because that is what is best for you.  A lot of times those good byes are easy.  Saying good bye to that awful toxic friend that just always drags you down is sometimes as easy as clicking the delete button. Other good byes are much harder.  Saying good bye to chocolate would definitely be up there for me.  I don't know how my mom does it ... she hasn't eaten chocolate in three years!!

My favorite type of good bye is the one that really isn't good bye it's just see you later.  I had one of those this week.  Tuesday was my last day at the Field Museum.  It was really sad for me and felt like it was an end of an era for me.  Way back in October of 2009 I started out working with Nina in the Photo Archives as an intern after months of keeping at her and saying I wanted to work there.  

That's three and a half years!  The only other single thing I've done for that long was undergrad and that I feel is a little different since you're changing classes, living spaces, etc. Tuesday I actually took time to pay attention to everything since it's going to be my last day in quite a while!  I realized that there are so many things I see every time in there that are amazing, unique and part of my every day life that I will miss a lot. 

Waving from the train is something I will miss a lot

The view of Museum Campus from the bus is something I will miss a lot.  

Walking up to this building every time.  

Walking past this little guy when I head up the 290 steps to the third floor.

Heading upstairs from lunch in the elevator (cause 290 stairs is more than enough once a day!) and seeing this awesome sight from the 3rd floor!
Having this view from my desk.  Going to miss looking at the Audubon every week.

Three and a half years.  Wow!  Can't wait to start the next three and a half years at my new place though : )  When you read this I should be about 3 and a half hours into my first day eek!  

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  1. good luck in your new job! change is always weird, but can be a good thing too :)