My first throw up a.k.a how I got mono

I thought I would continue Kevin and my story along with my theme this week of being sick (which I still am, doctors tomorrow).  We left off with us just becoming official and Facebook official because as we know it's not really official till it's on Facebook.  The rest of winter break there was more hanging out and dates.  A large amount of hanging out was done at our parentals houses.  Since we were both living at home that's just how it went, although some times it did feel like we were in junior or something!  

During this time we had another one of our firsts ... my first 'Stache show!  I remember being pretty nervous to meet Kevin's friends in the band.  I ended up convincing a good friend of mine that he should come with and drive us, since it was a pretty terrible weather night and in the city plus I had no clue if anyone would actually be there for me to hang out with.  It was great!  I met the other guys in band, hung out with Kevin's parents, met some of the other people who have become good friends.  
Our first photo as a couple
Perfect summary of the night ... be proud I finally got rid of that blazer : )

Right at the end of my break and during one of our last few dates Kevin had found out he was OKed to be able to kiss!  He had been clear for at least several weeks at that point and time.  Since our relationship has been awkward before and since then why would our first kiss be any different right?  We were hanging out at his parents before going out and he just mentions that we could kiss if we wanted now.  Of course I was like ahhh! and all nervous.  You can't just haul back and kiss right then it's expected, gotta make sure it's right.  So we stand up, go to hold hands and walk out, we get awkward and he pulls me to him.  There was some bumping of faces but we get the first kiss done!  

Then next four weeks were great.  I was back working my butt off at grad school and having fun with my HA's.  I didn't feel all that great during the day and evening but by the time late night rolled around I was alright.  One night a group of us ladies decided to just stay in and drink at home.  We ended up breaking out some really yummy Gorgonzola crackers from Trader Joe's to go with our grape (definitely NOT top shelf) vodka and grape Koolaid.  It was a great night we ate, drank and laughed a lot.  When I got back to my nice little convertible apartment all of sudden things start to not look so good.  I'm feeling pretty awful and the room starts to get all spinny. 

So I head to the bathroom.  Now let me inform you of my personal theory ... I've always subscribed to the theory of I'd rather pee a lot than throw up.  This theory has always done me well ... I'm 28 and have only ever thrown up twice!  Sitting on the toilet trying to calm my body down and BLAH!!! You guessed it, purple throw up into the tub, a little on the rug.  Flipped around more into the toilet.  It was lovely.  After maybe five minutes of heaving up what had been yummy food and drink from an hour ago I actually had the presence of mind to clean up the entire mess, wiped the tub, put the rug to soak and made sure the entire toilet was clean.  The first time I throw up and I clean up everything before I go to bed.  Go me!

The next day I was still feeling awful but I could tell it wasn't a normal awful.  My throat was killing me, I felt so worn down, head was in a dense fog, I hot all of a sudden.  Thank goodness for the nurse practitioner!  I went in and he did tests.  I waited a bit and .......  I had mono!!!!  

From our first kiss my new boyfriend had given me mono!

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