I will be in my blanket

First I have a few housekeeping things.  As you know I've started my new job with the way the schedule and their seemingly quite strict computer policies I think I'm going to start posting in the early evening time.  Linking up and make new friends is one of my favorite things!  Scheduling my posts (I've been doing it for a week now woo me writing ahead!) doesn't really allow me to do that easily.  

If you're moving over to Bloglovin' as your primary reader/follower app please add me along the way.  Also send your link my way cause I would love to follow you as well!  Good chances are I might already be lurking and stalking you ; ) so let me know your Bloglovin' link.  I'm getting better about not just lurking but actually commenting as well, work in progress! 

Finally today I'm actually feeling more normal stick coughing like crazy and whining about being sick to the hubby.  I want my mommy : (  Don't get me wrong Kevin has been amazing and so helpful but not gonna lie it's just not the same as having your mom take care of you like when you were younger and you got sick.  She would tuck me up in like three blankets on the couch, pop in my favorite VHS movie (half the time Disney), rub some VapoRub on my chest and bring me squiggle noodle soup.

This is how I felt this past week, especially having to go to a new job sick. That was the worst! I also just realized that our new couches don't have removable cushions ... fail on my part!

Totally would watch this one all the time. Brave Little Toaster is one of the best kids movies EVER! Blankie is the best character in the movie.

Source: etsy.com via Betsy on Pinterest

Mom used to read this for me all the time. I can remember laying on the couch with my multiple layers of blanket and her sitting in the rocker with a book. More often than once it was this one :)

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Then of course Dad would move me from the couch to bed and re-arrange all my stuffed animals just how I wanted them. They were all in sort of choir type set up along the wall. There were I think at one time about 119? I had them all on my bed and there were about five that were the chosen ones that I actually held onto every night.

Even. Now. I tell Kevin that I move close to him cause I used to sleep so close to the wall but I'm pretty sure this is part of it too. If I'm close to him in the middle of the bed I won't be near the edge! He usually ends up halfway off ha. I always tell him to stand his ground and not roll away ... he just doesn't listen.

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Of course even though I was sick I would still be up and wanting to play around. Like many other adults now on Pinterest it was illegal for us to actually leave the bed. Maybe something to do with the whole bogeyman syndrome but this requires putting a hand on the floor so I'm not entirely positive ... probably just cause we lazy!

So I've decided that being sick as a kid was way better and way more fun!  

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