High fives for everyone!

May I just say to start off I actually really like to give people high fives ... just saying.  This week has actually been really good. 

1.  Kevin started his new job!!!  
2.   My interview went really well and I feel good about hearing something within the next week.  
3.  It's March which means new Pampered Chef products!!! I still haven't decided what I'm going to order for myself though haha. 

4.  My really good friend and sorority sister Stephanie is in town this weekend visiting!  Super excited to see her and a bunch of friends we don't usually see this weekend. 
5.  I signed up for Foam Fest 5k with Bethany.   We are a little nervous but we're planning on investing in goggles so I feel good about that.  Plus neither of us actually run so I'm glad to have a power walk buddy.

  1. Foam Fest looks like a friggin blast! And yay for the new job! That picture of him is amazing.

    Have a good weekend!

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