Gamma Phi Beta

In honor of International Badge Day I'm linking up with Autumn over at the Unreal Life.  The actual day was Monday March 4 but I had planned another post that day which I still can't even write about cause I'm still waiting!  I still hate waiting by the way just in case you weren't sure : )

I am a Gamma Phi Beta.  Most people have the typical rushed my freshman year of college and I'm still BFFs with everyone, we're all in each other's weddings, etc. etc. story.  Mine is actually quite different from that.  I didn't end up going through rush when I was in the infancy of college I actually ended up going through junior year.  I was doing other stuff like rocking out on the campus radio and just hanging out.  Not really sure why I didn't go through it way earlier.  Well it didn't end up working out for me.  At this time the sororities on campus had huge amounts of girls from my year ... as huge as they can be at Valpo.  So alas undergrad sorority Betsy was not meant to be.  

Pretty soon after graduating I was hunting for a job in museums ... well attempting to find any permanent job, at home feeling kinda meh about life in general.  I forget now who I was talking to but someone mentioned something about how a few sororities do alumnae initiation.  So I ended up looking into and contacting two sororities  Alpha Delta Pi and Gamma Phi Beta, both were/had been on Valpo's campus.  My cousin was an ADPi so that is why I contacted them but I don't really quite remember why I contacted Gamma Phi.  In the end the person from ADPi who was supposed to contact me never did but I did hear back from Tabitha, a Gamma Phi.
That is Tabitha and I at Convention Summer 2008.  She eventually became my Big Sis.  I had probably the easiest rush EVER!  I went to the Chicago area Founder's Day Celebration, ate lots of food, talked with a ton of interesting and fun ladies.  On the car ride home Tabitha said that was your rush and asked if I was still in ha!  I was : )

I ended up being initiated at Convention which was actually really nerve wracking and kinda cool, I mean come on that has to be like the Rolls Royce of initiations right?  Here are a couple photos from that weekend ...

Since then I've been super active in THREE different alumnae groups in the area.  Perks of being in a major metropolitan area!  I love all of the ladies in the different groups.  We have such a fabulous time together.  My most recent group has been the Northwest Suburban group since I just moved up in that area.  These ladies are crazy active.  My first meeting was a LBD purse exchange.  

My favorite event out of every group is probably the ornament exchange with the Western Suburban (my original alumnae group).  It is a huge deal for us to find crescent moon ornament.  I start looking probably in July for anything that even resembles an ornament with a crescent moon.  I actually made one this past year with the older Gamma Phi logo ... everyone was definitely impressed.  Although now I have to find one that good next year doh!

I'm sure I will chat more about these fabulous ladies later ... especially about my good friend Stephanie who I  had no idea was a Gamma Phi when we met!  

For now ...

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  1. How cool to be initiated at Convention! One of the women I work with is a Gamma Phi =) Thank you for joining the link up!!