Friday Letters

Dear Body ... Please please please get it together.  I know you're down and out but I need you to pull it together and get well. 
Dear Cold -Eeze ... I know you are amazing and kick ass but seriously can you taste a little better?  I miss the kid's Cold-Eeze gum version.  That stuff was great.  You still dominate my colds so I still love you.  
Dear Luden's Throat drops ... You are the best thing ever!  I'm not really sure if you actually do a lot but you taste like yummy candy so I love you.

Dear Ny&Co ... You're killing me!  A dozen new dresses in one week that I feel I must have!?  How cute is this dress?  Don't even get me started on all the tops I'm loving.

Dear Condo ... please get your act together and clean up your mess.  I'm tired of you just tossing your stuff all over the place.

Dear Legs ... like I told the Condo, get your act together and take care of your business aka go shave yourselves. ; )

Dear Kevin ... You are the best husband.  Treating me like a queen since I've been feeling like a truck ran me over and making sure to give me lots of hugs.  You're the sweetest nursemaid. : )