Friday Letters ...

Dear Friday ... I love you!  It's so lovely to see you again : )
Dear Heaven on Seven ... I am so excited to enjoy your amazing BBQ salmon tonight.  I remember it being amazing last time so let's not disappoint!  Get in my belly!
Dear Cover Letters ... you can suck it! : )  
Dear Polyvore ... I am now completely addicted to you.  Which is not good at all.  Now can you please get NY&Co stuff on there so I can plan all the items I will be getting this summer.  
Dear Spring Weather ... please feel free to hurry up and get here.  I know next weekend we're supposed to get up over 40 but if you could move it along a tad faster I would really appreciate it.  
Dear Life ... I'm feeling very content right now.  Thank you! 

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  1. Hi Betsy. Who doesn't love a good BBQ and spring? I would normally be writing about spring hurrying up too but I just moved to Thailand and now i am just hoping my hair will learn to adjust. Forget about me and the kids. Wishing you a very happy weekend.