First Day of Work Outfit

Like any woman I'm totally already thinking about what I should wear to my first day at the new job.  I don't know the dress code yet but I'm guessing it's a lot like the other places I've worked, either casual because of dust and that type of stuff or business casual. 

Maybe some day I will actually work at a place that requires me to dress like this.  It would be kinda fun actually getting dressed up for work each day ... although I'm guessing it will get old soon.  

First Day of Work

For now this is how I dress for work. I've been trying to jazz things up lately and actually wear the earrings and necklaces I own.

What I actually wear

Then there are the times when I get to not dress up at all cause I'm working in dusty collections, cleaning up moldy objects. I actually do enjoy it since I get to wear jeans and all : )

Casual Day at Work

I know AC/DC at work?! I probably wouldn't go with this shirt in the types of environments the past few museums have been but some places oh yes that shirt definitely comes out. I also do still rock my Dr. Martens.  I'm wearing them as I type this : ) I can't help it all the casual black shoes (that are also good for standing/walking in) are either tennis shoes or old lady looking. I just haven't been able to find a good pair! Any suggestions?

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