Continuing Our story!

Now onto my post for the day!  I feel like I haven't continued Kevin and my story for weeks ... I'm not even sure I know where I left of anymore.  OH yeah we met and I left thinking crap he was so not as cute as I thought he would be.  So literally for the next couple of weeks I was kinda bummed out about that fact but I still talked to him cause it was fun and he was cute in the photos.  I mean it had to have been a fluke right?  

We decided that over my Christmas break we would go on some dates and see how that worked out.  So the day comes I'm waiting at home.  It was snowing so he ended up coming down to me.  I was out helping to shovel and totally busted my phone too!  That ended up being our first stop when he EVENTUALLY got to my house.  I don't think I've mentioned this before but I am super anal about being on time.  During high school my marching band teacher drilled it into us ... to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, etc. etc.  Sometimes I even get really anxious when we're running late, it's bad haha.

I finally call him 20 minutes after he's supposed to be at my house and he nonchalantly says oh I'm on I-80?!?  Now I've gone through and made a very handy map for you.  

Sorry it's a little blurry.  So it's already about 20 miles to get from his parents house to mine but where he ended up is about another 25!  He still claims to this day that he couldn't see the sign for my exit cause of the blowing snow.  I still say when he hit the next major highway interchange he should have known.  I mean come on an extra 15-20 minutes should have been a good clue well before he hit I-80!
We made up for it though with a marathon date that last till 1am.  Lunch, mall (I know so high school ha!), dinner, something, movie.  Since I am a huge nerd our second date was to the Field Museum.  I know I know.  here is the first photo of Kevin I took. I tried to convince him you're actually supposed to put your head in there.  Almost got him!

The high school-ness of our first few dates continued that evening.  We decided to drive around a bit and we ended up parking.  Now mind you don't forget that Kevin is just getting over mono at this point and I'm not about to get it so we ended up doing some odd cuddling type stuff.


I know that probably won't help anything but still haha.  Can't hurt right?  Now back to the story ... it was such a weird situation since we couldn't kiss or anything like that.  There ended up being a little bit of under the shirt second base action.  Of course I was like we're moving kinda fast for a second date, but at that time we'd been talking multiple times a day for two and a half months!  Such a weird situation!  So we're sitting there in the car being all cuddly (hands on girls) and he's like I actually wanted to ask you if you would be my girlfriend.  Of course I said yes!  By the way not being out of the hospital that morning and well rested did wonders for the hubby!


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