Weekend Update & 5 for 5!

This weekend was nutso!  We were all over the place it felt like.  

I just had to sit here for five minutes trying to remember what happened Friday.  Man is it ever Monday!
Friday night I ended up working for a fundraising event for the nuns.  It was a little annoying since I was told a few times that my job description says "and other tasks"  well yes then why aren't they paying me for it?  I felt bad since I didn't go last year I probably should this year.  I did get dinner which was very good, complete with King Cake and baby!  Oh forgot to mention it's a Mardi Gras themed fundraiser.  Looks like party is at my place next year!

Saturday was a lot of fun all day long.  As I mentioned last week I went up to Milwaukee for Spring Launch.  OMG I'm so excited about the new products and recipes!  No letting anything slip here though.

My lips are sealed!  At least until I can tell you all!

Got home to find our lovely little foyer area almost all the way completed!  
I say almost since the edges still don't have the wood trim.  Kevin has tripped on the carpet at least twice already hee hee. I shouldn't laugh should I?  But in all fairness he would laugh if I tripped.  Next thing on the list is goodbye to those spindles!  Kevin's dad said we could probably do a little half wall there, I'm trying to find photos of one with some shelves or something with a little storage.

Saturday night got really interesting as well.  Guys had a show and a bunch of the ladies came out and we all had a good time.  About halfway through things got interesting ... very interesting.   I thought I told you about the Leech before but I feel like I just wrote an angry blog and never actually posted it.  The Leech has to do with all the awful that happened this fall, The Leech was the cause.  So now The Leech and the guy int he band she was dating (not going to say specifics!)  are totally over but like any good blood sucker you hold on for dear life right?  

Well The Leech is there for most of the show while said band member is out of town this week.  We are all very perplexed by this.  The Leech proceeds to chat and almost flirt with one of the other guys in the band, which is not that unusual since Leeches tend to do that with lots of guys.  Well that talk got kinda heated,  find out later The Leech was lecturing said guy about dating younger women.  If that isn't the pot!  I should explain that The Leech is like a first grader, aka she's a young one.  

One of the friends of the band decided to save him and in true first grade fashion off The Leech went to pout to her friend.  
I took this photo ... I thought it was cool so thought I'd share it : )

Sunday was spent doing something ... I think we sorta hung out sorta cleaned before heading back into the city for the Super Bowl.  That was a lot of fun, good munchies and great friends!  

Five for Five update!
1.  Organize our new office bookshelf for all our office supplies
2.  Write the two Liebster awards post
3.  Write one wedding post. 
4.  Workout Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings
5.  Add 6 items to my closet app every night

Well I was somewhat successful!  This week my goals will be blog focused.
1.  Write one wedding post. 
2. Write my About Me page
3. Work on my Pampered Chef page (writing it, figure out what should go there)
4.  Workout three times this week
5.  Add 6 items to my closet app every night

  1. What a busy but great weekend! Thanks for linking up with us again today and I'm SUPER excited for your goals for the week ahead! I've LOVED watching your blog grow and I know that all these new things are going to help it continue to grow even more!

  2. sounds like really great goals.:)
    I need to set some goals, I feel like posting helps you to work harder for them.
    i just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for following me, I hope you were able to sign up for the huge 12 months of advertising giveaway. its gonna be awesome for some winner :)
    I am following back and will visit you again.
    have a wonderful week.