The plot thickens ...

I started Kevin and my story last week in girl meets boy: the beginning and thought I should probably nice and continue it a little more. 

As I said last time being the oh so suave man he is ... and I'm sure people can attest to the fact that he is not ... Kevin assumed I was telling him to call me since my number was in the signature of the email.  Who knows maybe I was sending subliminal messages for him to call and I didn't even know it!  We continue to talk on the phone, text and email for a few weeks.  

During that time Kevin is rushed to the hospital with a super extreme case of mono.  He has asthma and other fun stuff, I swear the kid is a walking health issue let's pray the kids take after me, so the mono just wiped the floor with him.  This whole thing happened a week or so before I was set to be home for Thanksgiving.  My friends and I were going up to Durty Nellies to see one of my favorite cover bands Hairbangers Ball for Black Wednesday.  

Kevin was going to come out and we would get to meet for the first time and hang out.  HA!  With him being in the hospital just before there was no way that was going to happen.   I was freaking out cause I really really wanted to meet him ... we had been talking about a month at the point and I wouldn't be back home till mid-December.  It was now or never!  Well not never ... could have waited till December.

So it's the night before Thanksgiving 2008, my friend Rachel,Sarah and I are making our way up north from the Lisle area.  After much discussion beforehand it was decided we should stop by Kevin's parents house so I can say hi.  All the way up I'm kinda freaking out cause who knows he could be some crazy guy or something and I'm walking into his house, etc. etc.  

I walk in to his parents house and we end up standing in their foyer for probably the mos awkward five minute conversation ever!  I could hear his parents or someone in their family room kinda talking about what's going on, Kevin just having had mono I didn't want to get really near him and we were standing in the foyer of his parents house.  I give him the little get well gift (some soup) I brought and as I'm walking back out to the car all I'm thinking was how disappointed I was that he wasn't as cute as his photos!   I didn't tell him this till almost a year later.  To give the boy some slack he did just get home from the hospital the day before.  

Yup so I left being a little sad from our first meeting at how terrible he looked cause he had been sick!  I am a terrible wife!  

I actually can't find any photos from the night, which is very unlike me but here are some Rachel ones from that time.  She's such a nutcase but I love her : ) Hmmmm I might have to have her guest post ... More Girl Meets Guy to come : )