Girl Meets Boy: The Beginning

Today is one of those days where I have no clue what to write about and I don't really have much time either.  Since I've been promising since I really started blogging to do wedding and the like posts I figured what better place to start than the very beginning.  

Way back in fall 2008, I was down in Charleston, IL getting my Masters.  It's in the middle of nowhere east-central Illinois, that year made me realize I am definitely a city girl.  One of my new friends Lauren and I were talking about guys (at that time I did that A LOT), she told me about these online dating websites that she used pretty regularly.  I thought why not.  I'll set my location as Chicago so then I'll have to talk to them for a while before we can actually meet.  

So I signed up for OKCupid and Plenty of Fish.  It was interesting, I'd talk to different people and we wink or whatever at each other.  Then one day there was this one guy who I was talking to a lot ... like multiple times a day a lot, we even exchanged IM screen names.  I know right?  IM feels so ancient now.  I will save you some suspense ... this guy was not Kevin.  

Even though I was talking to him a lot I still was checking out other guys and chatting them up and I saw this one guy OMG!  He was so cute and we liked a lot of the same things and he was really cute.  We ended up talking on chat through the website a bunch times.  I think most of it was about music and video games, I'm sure he could actually tell you about it though.  

One day I go on the website and I have this Dear Jane email from him saying how he was leaving the site and the whole dealing with people online was too much.  I started freaking out inside because this was how we talked he hadn't asked for my email address or anything yet.  I rushed email to him saying that I really wanted to keep talking to him and gave him my email address.  

Kevin told me later that asking for my email address never even occurred to him and I was lucky I saw the message when I did since he deleted it later that day!  

Now don't forget about the other guy I was talking to at this point.  We had met once in-between and he had come down another time to visit.  All of a sudden he sent and email saying he didn't want to talk or whatever anymore and I was sooooo  upset.  To make matter even better I had taken or was about to take a massive test in my Material Culture class (the hardest class of the degree) that I thought I bombed.  So being the big crier that I am I just started bawling about it all.  In the midst of a rainy awful afternoon I get a text from a weird number.  It's Kevin asking to see how my test went.  

I tell him things are awful and a little while later I get an actual phone call from him.  This was the first time I had ever heard his voice and him mine!  I was uncontrollable, sobbing, making weird snorting noises and just so upset over my test (which I did really well on) and the guy.  As we know now that was all for the best ; )

How did Kevin get my number you ask?  Well I didn't find this out until months later but he thought my email signature with my contact information was my saying I wanted him to have my number and call him!  Don't worry this is not even close to the end of our Girl Meets Boy story but you'll just have to come back another day for that part : )



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  1. Ya know, I read all that was going to leave aw so cute comments and then I saw that shirt. Affliction?? Really. Really? Never!!! I'm in shock. Where did such a thing come from?