I've got nothing today. 

Well that's not true.  I have a couple posts in the works but of course I didn't send myself the lovely photos or the text so I could finish them up here (volunteering today) because of course that would require a brain and coherent thoughts!

"Hi. Sorry. My brain...switched off, you know. You ever have one of those days? Going along and then...stop. Here I am, standing here, your own private Greek statue."

Life has been actually kinda boring since the new year so I don't even have anything interesting happenings to write about.  It is a total my mind is blocked kind of day.  I also feel like there is probably an email I need to reply to or something that should get done but just can't bring myself to exert the energy.   Although I did exert 20 minutes of energy trying to find a video clip of the above scene, so maybe my mojo is just taking it's sweet time today : )

Since this morning is obviously not going to be so productive I am going to regain myself and actually be a productive member of society for the rest of the day.  I promise!

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  1. I've had a bunch of nothing going on in my brain myself recently when it comes to blogging. No desire to write about anything!