Never Will I Ever (Pinterest Version)

I had great intentions of writing a lovely post for y'all yesterday but by the time I got back mid-afternoon I just didn't have the will or brain power.  I think my interview went well (but I've given up on them actually being good a this point) so we shall see what happens.  Thanks to everyone for their comments, good lucks and happy thoughts ... maybe now that I've got all you guys rooting for me it will tip the scales : )

Today I decided to share my probably (most likely) Never Will I Ever actually make or DIY this from my Pinterest boards:

Now I'm usually not one for mixing odd things together in a new way but this guy just looked so good to me. The reason this guy will probably forever stay a pin is I'm just terrible at planning. We usually have a couple of the ingredients but not all, we're still more of a throw things together type cookers.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

I'm not the fabric person in my family, that honor goes to my mom. For some reason sewing and the like tend to freak me out. I can stitch and do basics but I always feel like I'm going to rip it or something.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

If you've ever glanced at my Appe-Teasers board you'd notice pretty fast I seem to go for items that are wrapped, pouches or neat little package type food. I think I like them cause it's so nice a compact, not much mess. Well I've never actually made any wrapped, pouches or neat little package type food ... I feel like it takes some skill to make sure the wonton is closed so it won't explode when you're cooking.

I am terrible at styling my hair. My routine consists of either blow drying and straightening or leaving it air dry to wavy the first day and on the second doing some sort of super simple half up do. I can get a little fancy and give myself a bump (see my It's OK post). I'd love to learn how to style my hair more just don't know if I have the skills. I mean it did take me until like two years ago to get a good black smokey eye thing going.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Meringues are not for the faint of heart. I personally think they're one of the harder desserts since you have to beat the whites just right and let them sit for so long, sometimes double baking and stuff. That's a lot of pressure!

As cool as I think that looks there is definitely a TON of work that went into that. For one those vinyls are hard to put up, plus the person had to locate each of those separately it would just be too easy if it all came together. Then leveling all the photos and hanging them just right. Would you put the vinyls up first? But if you did how would you do the spacing? Yup a lot of work to that one. 

 What are some of your favorite pins that you probably won't get around to this century?

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  1. Ha, have to agree on the hair thing....I just don't know how to do my hair, so it usually just gets pulled back into a messy bun thing on the top of my head! Wouldn't mind learning how to have good hair days though!