Modge Podge Crescent Moon

First of OH EMMMM GEEEE I have a follow up to my triple digits post last week.  I had three days in a row this week where people actually reading hit triple digits.  Yay!  Thanks everyone for reading, now to get y'all to comment more ... just saying ; )

Even though Kevin lots his job this weekend the entire weekend wasn't super terrible (although a nail to my back tire didn't help!)  Saturday I ended up finally just sitting down and busting out my good friend Stephanie's (other Stephanie) Christmas present.  Yes I know I'm a month late.  My entire reason for putting it off so long was Modge Podge.  I had never used it before and was kinda freaking out inside. 
Needless to say I didn't want to mess it up.  I forgot to mention that this was an idea I had and not something I found on Pinterest so I was totally winging it!

Stephanie and I met each other through Kevin and found out a few months into our friendship that we are Gamma Phi Beta sisters as well.  Since then it's been a fabulous friendship.  I wanted to do something Gamma Phi related but being an alum there isn't too much that doesn't look super collegiate and cliche.  

So here is what I did ... heck if it was right but it worked out well.
I had a nice photo of all my supplies but I cannot locate it anymore, doh! 
Canvas (I think mine was like an 14x18)
Tissue paper (cut up in to squares)
Modge Podge
Foam brush

 I sat there for at least a good five minutes trying to figure out how I was going to free hand a crescent moon.  It then occurred to me I had my lovely Stainless Mesh Colanders!  Let the tracing begin.  

Then to start with all lovely Modge Podging.  After first I put down a layer of Modge Podge then tissue then more Modge Podge.  I had seen it done that way for photos people were Modge Podging so thought that was a good way to start.  I realized maybe like a quarter of the way through I didn't really need to do that much since the tissue paper was so thin.  Didn't hurt it to do that much but didn't really matter that I did that much either.

Just keep Modge Podging and adding tissue paper.  The difficult part was around the crescent itself.  I had to cut up little pieces of tissue paper.  I just chopped up the squares to make random little shapes.  Then I used those guys randomly to make the outline of the crescent.

Lastly was adding the hot pink inside the crescent.  I actually did the same thing inside as I did for the outline.  I wanted the pink part to be very vivid so I did the smaller pieces so they would overlap more and give it a darker, brighter color.

and voila!!!

I totally triumphed over Modge Podge and I'll be making another for my own home very soon (yesss for crossing off another of my 101!)

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  1. I seriously love modge podge! I use it for all my crafts :)