It's OK

It's OK that I'm just now getting around to loading my photos from NYE.

It's OK that I haven't had to actually use my brain in 14 days so therefore ...

It's OK that all you're going to get from me today is said photos. 

Each floor was a different band unfortunately we were on Elvis (he's ok but not my favorite) I'll give you 50 awesome points if you can name the band pictured!

Isn't he cute?

These two pics are in sequence.  Yes that is a photo my husband doing gangnam style.

This is a video of my husband doing gangam style

NYE kisses for everyone!  The other photos came out terrible.  I seem to have this thing about cutting myself out of the photo?

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  1. Such a sweet post! You are ADORABLE!! Just wanted to say hi. :) Stopping by from Sugar and Dots. Have a wonderful first weekend of 2013! XO