I have the best sister in law

Mondays are not my day.  This morning when de-icing my car I sorta broke one of my doors.  Could not get it shut so Kevin had to come out and bungee cord it shut so I could go to the car place.  Realize a little while later I didn't have my wallet with me oops!  Kevin to the rescue again.  Although he wasn't very happy about being almost to work when I called!  Car is still at the shop, and I'm now at work. 

Unfortunately my weekend wasn't all that exciting so I'm going a different route today.  I did go out to Kevin's show Saturday and my brother and sister in law came out!  Hence the reason for this post

That's a picture of us decorating cookies in December.   I decided I really needed to dedicate a post to how awesome my sister in law Bethany is!  Obviously from this photo we are off to a good start right?  I first "met" Bethany about 9.5 years ago when my brother and I were driving home from my grandma's house and he shoved the phone at me to talk to her while he was trying to get something in the back.  Up to this point there had never really been any friends who were girls much less one Lou had dated (that we knew of). SO I was like whaaaat?!  Who is this?! What's going on!? Very odd first conversation to say the least. 

So they date for a few years and then got hitched!  It was fabulous.  Bethany loves ginormous sunglasses (she has 12 pairs), I took that photo and we decided that it was probably the best one from the wedding : )  Not too long after they moved down to Greenville, South Carolina.  Which was sad since we didn't get to see them much but neat to visit South Carolina in the winter.  This spring (right before our wedding) they moved back to the area yay!  

Now let me actually tell you a little bit about Bethany besides the fact that she's as cute as a button!  She grew up a couple different places cause her dad worked for GM, I also love her parents they're awesome when they moved up here her mom had their house unpacked and up and looking nice in like 4 days, when we move next I'm inviting her up!  She went to Tennessee and is a ridiculous big Vols fan.  She has been in retail management for a long time now and its ridiculously good at it.  We went shopping last week and she was picking out some stuff for me to try on and it actually looked like an outfit and so nice and put together.  I should probably get a computer program a la Cher in Clueless so she can dress me every day.  

One of my favorite things about our relationship is how close we've become over the past couple of years.  Nothing has been more evident of that (to me at least) is the fact that over the holidays I'm pretty sure we communicated solely in weird noises, chirps, pokes and odd looks. Yet we totally knew what the other was thinking/talking about and cracked each other up the entire time.  

Yes we are utterly ridiculous and I love it.  I might not have had a sister growing up but I definitely feel like I have one now.  Two silly little peas in a lovely little sister in law pod. 

 P.S. - More to come on these fabulous ladies later and yes there is a reason we are all friends haha.


  1. Lovely post! You're very lucky to have each other.

  2. hey girl! i nominated you for the Liebster award: http://rebekaheliz.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html