High Fives are the best when FREE!

High fives all around for me this week!  It was actually quite a good week for me : )

1) I was crazy productive this week.  Getting more done on my 101 list, nothing done yet but some of the more time consuming items I'm halfway done.  I submitted a ton of job applications.  Didn't get as much done on my blog as I would have liked.  My "About Me" page is still blank ... I'm terrible at writing things like that about myself!

2)  Sending in all those applications has payed off already.  I have an interview next week for a part time position that would be awesome for me.  Keep your fingers crossed for me : )

3)  Logging onto Blogger and seeing my face.  Didn't realize my guest spot over at Designs by Emily F was going up yet.  But there I was all smiley in my reader this morning. 

4)  Our condo is slowly gaining some order.  Every day we are item by item figuring out we really don't need to have like the gravy boat here and can pack it up since we won't be hosting anyone to use it!

5) That my first giveaway is over and was a lovely success.  Winner will be announced Monday since I seem to be having some Rafflecopter issues at the moment ha!  I might not have a winner yet but I do have a freebie.  Since I started up my own ad space I decided to do a free for all.  Just put "I <3Museums" in for any space : )

Hope you had a lovely week and a ridiculous weekend!  

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