Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Since my weekend was less than exciting, except for the missed phone call and voicemail from Stephanie's boyfriend at 2:30 Sunday morning saying a tire had come down the highway and crushed her lady parts sending her to the ER (which he doesn't remember doing ha!), I won't bore you with the rest of it.  

I want to tell you about one of my absolute favorite movies.  Like most things I love it's from the 1980's and not too many people seem to know about it.  
Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!!

It is a quirky fun 1980's girly high school movie combining all the things I look for in a movie, Chicago, girl power, cute lead guy, fun soundtrack, and dancing.  

Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) is new in town and all she wants to do in life is dance on Dance TV.  Her new best friend Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt) makes her go for her dreams, all the while sneaking around to practice behind her super over protective military father's back.  

Along the way she meets Jeff Malene (Lee Montgomery) a bad boy rebel from public school who is assigned to be her dance partner.  After a rocky start these two get it together fast to become dancing and tumbling machines!  

The clip isn't the greatest but the sound is pretty good and if nothing else just watch it for the music.  I feel like this would be perfect workout music. 

Like any good teen movie there has to be the jerky rich girl, Natalie Sands (Holly Gagnier).  She will stop at nothing to win the spot on Dance TV, including making her dad almost run over Jeff and threaten to fire his dad.  What a biatch right?

This next clip has one of my two favorite scenes, where Natalie get's what's coming to her!  : )

The guy steps in the turkey!? How hilarious is that right?

What would any teen dance movie be without the huge last dance?  I mean come on it's just how the formula works right?  This scene is actually probably my favorite of any dance movie, and I really enjoy dance movies.  I'm completely obsessed with the songs they use for it too.  I always rewind it and play the scene twice, much to the enjoyment of the husband : )

Sorry for the audio of the beginning but it gets better.

All in all Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a easy going fun movie that every girl should really at least once if not multiple times.  Maybe I'll have to procure a copy soon and do a giveaway ... speaking of don't forget to enter my 100 Followers Giveaway there are just three days left on it!

My Five for 2013 Resolution update!
1. Hit 500 followers ... pretty self explanatory right : )
Working trying to find other fabulous blogs to sponsor, have pinned a bunch of blogging tip pins
2.  Track what I eat ... I used to be on Weight Watchers but since I cannot afford it I had to stop a couple years ago.  I know if I watch my portions and eat well it is very successful for me so I need to get on that again!
Haven't done much on this one yet
3. Complete 40% of my 101 in 1001 list ... since 1001 days is about 2.75 years I figure if I do a decent chunk each year I can complete my list!
Working on it, got more done on all of my organizing items!
4. Get a full time job!  I need to work harder at my networking and with getting applications in as soon as I come across a posting. 
Sent in 4 applications this weekend.  Going to work on at least two more today
5.  Meal plan and cook more ... Kevin and I are terrible about planning we always leave it more till last minute.  This would definitely help with the loosing weight and tracking easier too!
Haven't worked on this one at all yet


  1. I love that movie. First watched it like 2 years ago and had no idea SJP was in it. One of the best teen movies!

  2. Oh classic SJP!
    I need to start on my resolutions too. I have a little, but I've got to get better at it.

  3. That is an awesome voicemail to get. Hilarious.