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Pasta Edition!!!

I can tell I'm in hibernation mode lately.  All I want to do is stay home on our new couches all wrapped up in my fleece blanket watching movies and eating pasta.  My Pasta Pinterest board has been growing leaps and bounds because of this.  Here are some of the ones I will attempt to make some time in the near future (maybe the next year, that's near right?)

This recipes comes from Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour Blog.  Super easy but probably has quite a bit of calories, with two sauces and two cheeses.  The comments say it makes plenty of leftovers so if you portion it out right away then you won't over indulge and have room for some yummy garlic bread. 

Like most people I'm a big fan of compact and easy.  I keep seeing this pin and should really get on it and make it.  95% of the ingredients are common ones you should already have in your fridge or pantry.  If I ever get around to actually meal planning for a week this guy is definitely going on as a side to chicken. We're big chicken eaters and it's always hard to come up with sides to go with it more on the last minute so this would be great, the poster says you can really use any white cheese you like, so get creative!

Source: crumbblog.com via Betsy on Pinterest

I am not a fan of scallops.  I think it's a texture thing ... we all know my issues with texture haha.  For some reason a lot of my pins have had scallops in them lately.  I think my subconscious is saying I need to give them another chance and try to make them myself.  Or maybe all the photos of them just look that darn good ...

Source: bhg.com via Betsy on Pinterest

With all the over indulging one does this season this would be a good stick to your bones keep you full and satisfied recipe.  Between the beans, broccoli and using whole wheat pasta you probably couldn't  get a better power house pasta dish.  Adding some grilled chicken would give you even more protein to keep you full.  

Here is another dish I just feel so drawn to making.  Now almost anyone will tell I'm a big creature of habit, most restaraunts I go to I will get the same thing, I veer towards the same color clothing, I like to do things in my own little routine ... I like my eggs scrambled or hard boiled.  The whole over easy, poached with yolk still gooey kinda freaks me out ... ok freaks me out a lot.  I figure though if Martha says it's ok then I should be good ... plus how fancy scmancy does that dish look?  Husband will devour in like 5 minutes but oh well. 

Source: google.com via Betsy on Pinterest

Because I am easily amused : ) with ketchup?  How would pasta taste with ketchup I wonder ...

What's your favorite pasta?  Do you have a signature pasta dish you make?

  1. This post had my name written all over it at the name of it. Pasta. I love it. That first one looks like vodka sauce. I didn't click the links cuz I'm at work. And ew to pasta with ketchup. My friend did that once and I damn near killed her!

    I also don't like the texture of scallops. It's weird. Like is it trying to be pudding or something strange? LOL

  2. "If Martha says its good... then I should be okay"- is pretty much my motto. I think I need to make a pasta pinterest board. I LOVE ANYTHING PASTA. That last dish looks really interesting... haha

  3. You said pasta pinterest board, and I had to go to there immediately.

    I must have the egg on the pasta.

    MAKING my own pasta has been on my to do list for an eternity. I'm making this happen in January. I swear.

  4. The first pasta dish and the scallops look amazing, yum!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. YUM! That pasta looks so good right now and I am so hungry!!

    Rachel ~ Topaz N Pearls!