View from my desks

One of the things I've been trying to do when I come to the city and the Field has been to observe more.  Try and find new things to notice every time I'm here.  It's been quite interesting so far!  I have more of that to come later but first I thought I'd share some of the neat things I see every time I'm here with you.

When I come into the Photo Archives in the morning I see this guy right away.  Yup a stuffed hawk just chilling in the office.  

When I head back to the second part of the office I round the corner into a hall/long office space smack dab into this wall.  I've never actually asked what it's from.  I'm assuming some sort of former exhibit?

I love looking at this blown up photo.  Yes that's a water pitcher in front of it.  This guy is actually over the fridge in the area containing the microwave.  I always like just staring at it while my leftovers heat up ... I imagine being in that line and what it would have been like to walk across that vast expanse of what's now the park.

This is the Field's copy of Audubon's The Birds of America.  If you don't know what it is seriously check out the link cause it's super cool and pretty important American history going on in this book.  Every week the pages are turned to a different painting every week.  There are a large number of staff who come in each week just to see what the new image is.  Sorry the photo isn't that great, best angle I could get because of the case.  Check it out online though his work is amazing!

Yes I know this is not from my desk I realize but it's such a cool view.  This is the view I get every time I walk through the park to the bus stop.  I go through the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive and I'm greeted by this!  I will definitely have to remember to take a picture this winter to share : )

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