Still on the weekend

As promised here is my weekend update.  A little late but at least I'm getting it done!  This weekend was so productive in our house it was ridiculousness.  

Friday the hubby went down to Peoria for a show so I was home alone for the afternoon and evening. I decided I was going to go hardcore and be super productive.  Now I've already acquired about 90% of everyone's Christmas presents, the last 10% are either going to be ordered and made in the next week.  Starting off the evening I made 'Stache ornaments for the guys in the band. 

Here is the pin I found on Pinterest.  Now here are my versions.  I couldn't find a solid colored ball ornaments so I decided to go with the flat sided ones.  I figured that would make things easier, I also free handed the whole thing so I think they came out pretty well!

Next I start up with wrapping presents, I kinda figure I have them all just sitting there so why not wrap them and bring them over to both our parents houses when we see them next time.  Gets it all out of our condo!!!  It ended up taking me a bit of Friday night and Saturday.  

Saturday and Sunday my father in law was back over in our kitchen.  Like usual my want to smack the previous owners rears it's head again.  Every week we find something new that was updated but done horribly ... it's quite annoying!!!  The project this week was putting in a ceramic tile backsplash.  Turned out very nice!

Saturday night was a show at 115 Bourbon St. this place is crazy.  It's about 6 different places smushed into one.  There is a saloon, restaurant, sports bar area, dance club, banquet hall area and beer garden all in one area part of a strip mall.  It's craziness!  Tons of fun though.

Photo from my first post with my new smart phone!  OH I totally forgot Kevin and I finally gave in and got smart phones on Friday.  He's officially obsessed already.  
Yes I realize those are socks.  Those are my favorite pair of Christmas socks.  I put them on Sunday and promptly put my entire heel through the one on top.  : (  Such a sad ending to my weekend.  I had give them a proper send off to the big garbage can in the sky.  Now to go find myself some new sparkly Christmas socks!

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