Random much?

Going random style today with Shanna at Because Shanna Said So.  Probably one of my favorite things to look at online is the Humor section on Pinterest.  There are some ridiculously random things on their and I dying laughing every time.  Here are some of my favs from this week ... hope you get some giggles out of them too.  : )

It's just awesome.

Source: loldamn.com via Haley on Pinterest

This one might be photoshoped but still hilarious.

Source: skreened.com via Sara on Pinterest

You know in your mind you just totally sang that ... or like me a very loud whisper at work!  I just can't not do it out loud

Yup just doing duck things in my fancy stemmed cup

Source: su.pr via Betsy on Pinterest

Every. Single. Time.

  1. Haha these are pretty great. The duck is adorable!

  2. hahah that is awesome, and I so do that when I spell bananas
    Helene in Between