Looking back & ahead

So to say that most of this weekend was exciting would probably be an understatement!  Friday was a mini road trip day for myself, my BFF Becky and my good friend Meghan from Valpo.  

It started off with a bang ... or a skid?  Exiting on the exit ramp to meet up with Meghan (see my lovely map above) the snow had finally started to stick and I was still going a little too fast.  My lovely oh so light car started to fish tale then proceeded to pull an entire 360 ending up with me bawling my eyes out on the side of the road.

One hour, one cop and one tow truck later I'm on the road and we are headed to Kalamazoo, MI!  The day was so much fun.  We got lunch a brewery, went to the local museum (details to come later in the week) and caught a movie.

Saturday was another Cubby Bear show and tons of fun!  We (meaning me since I never get ridiculous) got a little ridiculous since we had a little pre-party/gossip session in the ladies room before the guys started.  My friend Michelle was out to celebrate her birthday so all around it was a fabulous night.  

Now it's time for my Five for 2013 resolutions!

1. Hit 500 followers ... pretty self explanatory right : )
2.  Track what I eat ... I used to be on Weight Watchers but since I cannot afford it I had to stop a couple years ago.  I know if I watch my portions and eat well it is very successful for me so I need to get on that again!
3. Complete 40% of my 101 in 1001 list ... since 1001 days is about 2.75 years I figure if I do a decent chunk each year I can complete my list!
4. Get a full time job!  I need to work harder at my networking and with getting applications in as soon as I come across a posting. 
5.  Meal plan and cook more ... Kevin and I are terrible about planning we always leave it more till last minute.  This would definitely help with the loosing weight and tracking easier too!

  1. I love your goals! Mine are similar, so we can stay on track together I hope!

  2. Writing down what I eat is on my list for this year! I got away from it in the last half of 2012 and you can tell.