It Arrived!!!

Kevin and I went over to his parents yesterday to pick up some of our packages and my order from Blue Bird Bride arrived!!!!!!!!!!

If you've been around the blog sphere for any amount of time you definitely know who Diane is.  It seems every week there is a giveaway for a credit to her shop or one of her necklaces.  I won a store credit probably waaaay back in October.  I love all of her pieces and I wish I had found her store earlier, when we were planning our wedding I had looked into broach bouquets and couldn't find anything I liked.  I find Diane and I love ones I've seen of hers, oh well such is life.  One will have to settle for super cute necklaces I guess!
So this guy is actually for my sister-in-law's birthday.  SHHHH!  Don't tell her I tried it on.  After trying it on I'm actually seriously bummed out I did not get this one.  Might have to just place another order ... 

This is the necklace I bought for NYE.  I have a dark navy shimmery dress.  I think it will go quite well, now to just pick out some earrings and we're good to go!

UGH  Obviously my husband is not a photographer.  We need to work on it lol.  

I almost got the necklace in this style ... will probably have to go back and get that one too haha. 

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be out of town till Monday.  We're going to Texas to visit my grandmother, it's her 90th Birthday!!!  I usually try and do one of the fun Friday link ups but not this week.  I'll be up in the air tomorrow at this time.  

Also I am freaking out over here cause I am just shy of 100 followers!!! YAY!!!  I should probably start to figure out something fun for you guys ... maybe I should figure out how this whole rafflecopter thing works.  Fly by the seat of my pants and whatnot, you know the usual : )

I am salivating over here.  Neely at A Complete Waste of Make-up is giving away a killer package which includes an entire year of ad space!!!!  Congrats on three years Neely!

Kim at Singledou[b]t also has a killer one going on.  She is celebrating 500 followers yipee!

Now who wouldn't love $100 to spend at your favorite store?  Well head over to Tales of a Twenty-something because Allie has teamed up with a bunch of awesome ladies to give you just that.  If I win I'm totally going for the NY&Co giftcard : )

  1. Love the bubble necklace! I now own four...just got me newest one the other day!

    Have fun in Houston!

  2. Ooh I love all of these! Have a great time in Texas:)

  3. Have a fun weekend! Yay for the necklaces arriving!

  4. Love the jewelry! And YAY! You're coming to Texas!! :D It's not too cold here yet.

  5. I LOVE those necklaces! I don't have a bubble necklace yet but I've been dying for one! Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas! :)