Hodge Podge Weekend

It doesn't feel like the weekend is over since I'm off till January 3.   Yay for being able to just hang out and watch terrible Netflix instant movies for a week : )  Although they have put a bunch of Disney movies online so I'll probably be watching those. 

This weekend was lovely.  Friday night Kevin and I went into the city for a surprise birthday get together for our good friend Kelli.  She was so surprised she almost started crying, thought everyone was out of town and ditching her on her birthday ha.  I totally brought my camera to take more pictures but I failed!  

Saturday Kevin and I headed down south to Peoria, IL.  We met up with Kevin's brother and his wife along with Kevin's aunt, cousin and his grandma for lunch.  It was really nice to see and catch up with his grandma and aunt since neither were able to make it to our wedding.  Here is a group photo of everyone.  Not the best but it was taken with an older cell phone camera. 

Sunday was a nice casual day for me.  Kevin was off doing bass stuff for the afternoon and I was finishing up a present that I thought we had but didn't!  Luckily I think quick on my feet.  

My version!  I had a bunch of extras so I'm making an all red one too.  

Last Weeks Goals:
1. 10 more job applications
I got about 4 in then a cd got stuck in my computer so I took it to my brother to hopefully fix.  Since that has all my new coverletters and resume I kinda screwed myself on that one!  
2. Contact 3 people to try and network about job opportunities
I just full out failed on this one.
3. Spend two hours (not consecutively) working on organizing my music files
 I actually ended up just working on organizing my files in general but I'm still going to count it!
4. Write two posts about our wedding
I didn't write about our wedding but I did write a couple of posts for a special week long segment I'm going to do later!
5. Work on my blog layout!
New format and colors all around! Thanks to the lovely Miss Kelly over at Blart: the blog about art

This Week Goals:
1. 10 more job applications
2. Contact 3 people to try and network about job opportunities
3. Work on one of my 101 items
4. Write two posts about our wedding
5. Buy a larger bookcase and attempt to organize the PC corner of our condo

Check back later this week cause I think I figured out this whole rafflecopter thing and I'll be doing a giveaway to celebrate 100 plus followers!!!  Hope you all had a great weekend and will have a lovely holiday. 
  1. Good luck on the job front! I had been hunting for a better job for a year and half and finally accepted a new job that I think is gonna be great. I haven't been unemployed but working a job I didn't like. Merry Christmas! Esther Norine Designs

  2. Love the new layout! I'm glad your weekend went well. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Keep plugging away with the job applications. I know that can be overwhelming. I am stopping by from the link up. Congrats on the over hundred followers! How exciting.

  4. Best wishes on your goals for the week! I'd love to read your posts about your wedding, I'm a sucker for wedding stories and pics. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. So glad that you've linked up with us again this week! Good luck with your goals for the week ahead- I know you can do it! I'm SO LOVING your new layout, too! AND you're already up to 124 followers- I LOVE IT!

    PS- I'm with Mia and I wanna hear about your wedding! LOVE hearing about peoples weddings/stories & all that mushy stuff ;)