Five for five

I took all these awesome photos from my amazing productiveness this weekend it was great ... totally forgot to upload them to a thumb drive before I left this morning.  DOH!  So my weekend update will have to wait another day.  I decided I should probably join up in Jenn's 5 for Five link up.  Setting myself weekly goals would help a lot.  I tend to start out the week with good intentions saying to myself you're going to get X, F, O and Z done but by the time the week ends I'm like crap what was I going to accomplish?!

1. Actually pay to sponsor a larger blog
I am the queen of searching out and finding the ad space for free or I've been contacting other people about doing ad swaps.  I have a feeling the best way to build up my following and work my blog is to go after the bigger fish : )  

2.  Scan two whole rolls (envelopes with prints) of photos. 
I was doing well for a while with my scanning (#42 on my 101 list) but the past week and a half I haven't done a single one.  Now the few envelopes I have are kinda strewn about our condo.  

3. Contact 5 people about hosting a Pampered Chef show this month
They switched around the benefits this month on me so I'm sorta scrambling to get more shows so I can earn some new spring products when they come out.  If anyone would be interested in hosting this month (Christmas shopping!!!) in addition to all the bonus stuff through Pampered Chef, I'm giving you a Christmas present from me as well!!!!!  Hosting an online or catalog show is super simple and you barely have to do anything.  

4. Work on Stephanie's and Kelli's Christmas/Birthday presents
For those ladies I'm going all crafty.  I went and tried to work on them last week but the place didn't have the stuff (LOL!) so I had to wait till it came in.  I need to get it finished so I can hopefully give it to them in December. 

5.   Send in 10 job applications this week
The past couple of weeks I've really really been slacking on the applications.  I need to keep it up through this month.  I use the excuse that oh it's December and people slow down, well it's partially true but it doesn't mean that position won't be filled before January!!!

Be sure to check out these couple of giveaways. 

At Blart: The Blog About Art ... Kelly is giving away some super cool prizes that any photog nut would love.  I'm really hoping to win this one, I'd love to give the new photoshop to my best friend Becky! 

 Brunch with Amber is giving away a 6 piece box of Fanny May dipped strawberries!  Nom nom for sure.  Hurry though the giveaway ends in 12 hours.


Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something has her November Sponsor Giveaway going on till Wednesday.  There are so many awesome prizes in that one it's so hard to choose.  

  1. Good luck with your goals!!! I find that writing them down in a blog post and having to share whether it not I actually accomplished them has made me want to accomplish them even more!!

  2. I paid for ad space on one of the largest blogs out there. It did bring me traffic, but not a lot of new followers.

    Just don't pay too much!

  3. First, I love your name! Second, I dig your goals and I hope you can get around to sending out those applications. Third, I'm jealous you're crafty. That is all. LOL