Week(end) Update!

I got my camera back yesterday woooooooooo!  If you didn't read my Friday post, I accidentally left my camera at my parent's house Thanksgiving so I couldn't share all the Black Wednesday/rest of week fun with you guys yet.  There is so much to share today!

Black Wednesday
I made cookies for Black Wednesday/Thanksgiving
Now is the crazy ridiculousness.  Here are some of the best photos from that night!   

So there are probably at least 10 photos on my camera of Stephanie & Pete posing in this exact spot just different expressions.

Needless to say it was a fun night!!!

Turkey day was a lot of fun this year.  Got to spend it with both sides of the family (Kevin's and mine)

I wanted to share my favorite dish.  Yes I know it's noodles.  This is actually a dish that my mom has made for forever, I guess it's a Texas thing?  What she does Thanksgiving day is boils the neck with pretty finely chopped onions and celery to make a broth.  You can also use a can of broth or make it from bullion.  I'm not sure how long she cooks it for when making broth, probably till the onion & celery is soft. 

If you are using the neck bone remove it, my mom pulls of some of the meat and adds it back to the pot.  Dump skinny egg noodles in, cook till al dente then drain!  It's so simple, delicious and heats up in the microwave so well for left overs.  

I Won!!
I know I've mentioned this new obsession before but I actually won a giveaway!  Way back in October I won some ad space (which I keep forgetting to use!) and a custom embroidery hoop from Alyssa!   It came in the mail early last week and is super cute ... now to just find a spot for it ... 

The Weekend ... for reals now
 Finally!  I had a lot to catch up on didn't I?  This weekend was pretty tame, Friday hubby and I were totally unproductive but we did watch Brave.  Which was very good just like I thought it would be.  Saturday involved a trip to Home Depot with his dad to get ceramic tiles to make a back splash in our kitchen.  Saturday night I put together the cool storage bench thing we got ... yup I did it all myself!  Realized after that I nailed the back on backwards doh!

Sunday was a lot of fun.  Both sets of parents, Kevin and I went downtown for the Christkindlmarket.  This is the 3rd year in a row we've done it together.  It was great fun and not tooooo busy (thank you Bears game).  We got some good ornaments, our hot chocolate in the boot mug, and some yummy goodies ( I still have leftover sugared almonds shhhh don't tell Kevin!)

Whew!  What a long week(end).  I'm beat ... it's the weekend again now right? : )

  1. hahahahaha Happy Birthday to me!! Again, shocking I was not hungover. I'm a champ. Pete's stache looks even better in photos, damn them for not giving the iphone!
    Glad christkindlmart went well, I'll be stopping by there soon.

  2. I love mustache tomfoolery.

    Kudos for putting that together, I totally suck at that!