Weekend Update

Another productive weekend in the Glenn household!  Friday started off with me running errands on my own.  I went to Michaels and got the supplies to work on another Pinterest DIY project this month.  I've decided to work on #23 in my 101 list.  Although looking at it again right now I said every other month ... well looks like I'll be an over achiever on that one!  Photos and link to come after I've actually finished the project.  I also got a nice storage bench thing from Bed, Bath & Beyond but upon opening it yesterday found parts were missing and wood was scratched.  Very annoyed about having to return it ... that sucker was heavy and I got it from store up to our 2nd floor condo by myself.  Those are the flowers Kevin surprised me with for our 6 month anniversary ... forgot the photo of them last week.

Saturday I was supposed to work a Pampered Chef table at a holiday bazaar for a local museum, was going to be a fundraiser show.  Had a mis-communication with the contact person and didn't get the right paperwork in but it looks like I'll be able to do a show for the museum at a later date and my contact (a person I know from a previous job) will host a personal show with me!  So I was planning on helping Kevin and his dad paint our kitchen but it's so small three is a crowd.  My mother in law and I went shopping instead!  Here are the photos of the couch I promised by the way!  Empty space then awesome new couches!!!
Sunday was a lot of fun for me.  It was Founders Day for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, so I went to the luncheon.  My new alumnae group, the northwest burbs group, was hosting it in downtown Arlington Heights so I had a nice 10 minute drive yesssss!  Delicious Italian food and lovely sisterhood.  Then it was Bears and being more productive for me!  I sent a bunch of emails and started on another number!  Got started on #42 ... digitize all my hard copy photos.  Finished an entire roll!  Realized that the process is going to take a while too.  I started with the images from my London & Paris trip after my senior year of high school.  Definitely will dedicate an entire post to that later this week when I get more photos digitized.  

OH I almost forgot, I'm sure everyone really wants to know this one but get home and change out of my dress yesterday and I have this lovely bruise right below my knee.  You'd think with something that colorful I'd remember hitting something really hard but I have absolutely no idea how I got it.  The photo doesn't even do it justice, it's very purple today, it's pretty awesome.  

  1. That's one heck of a bruise girl. I love the new couches! They look great!
    So sweet of Kevin to bring flowers, at least he can take hints ;)

  2. oh my goodness! That bruise is epic.

    Sorry about missing the Pampered Chef table... I'm kinda in love with PC. My mamma spoiled me early. ;)

  3. OH MY GOSH I do that all the time with bruises! That's a big one though! Usually when I bang something I'll tell my hubby about it and say if I have a bruise a few days later remember why. ;)