Weekend Update!

So we all know how boring my week was well at least my weekend was somewhat busier!  Kevin and I were super productive yay!

Friday started out with my mini shopping spree to Maurices (see High Five For Friday) and got notifications that my Macy's packages are en route.  I don't normally go for Macy's but with the extra % off everything they've got going I did some clearance shopping.  I'll let you know how those turn out when I get them!  

Friday night was fun, had dinner at home then went out and met up with Kevin's boss.  Nick is hilarious I love him, have a photo of him at a 'Stache show floating around somewhere but can't seem to find it for you ... I will keep looking!  Since I was driving us my dear husband decided to drink and got sorta buzzed/drunk off two beers.  I love him dearly but he has no tolerance and never has.  It's highly amusing!
Saturday was super productive.  I finally got some of the packages with photos I've been meaning to send to uncles and godparents (from our wedding 6 months ago today yay!) all ready to go!  As I type this I've realized Kevin forgot to take them to work to mail doh!  

Kevin's dad, Bill came over to work on a bunch of stuff in our kitchen for us.  The people who owned the place before Kevin remodeled the kitchen before he bought it and did a terrible job!  It seems like ever other week we're realizing terrible paint jobs, baseboard is coming off, cabinets are installed uneven.  It's ridiculousness and I want to get a new place ASAP!!  In the mean time it's so nice having a father in law in the construction biz, he comes over and stuff is done in no time (and done well!)  He was amused by all my picture taking  : )

I'm having issues spacing the photos like I want them to go so it is what it is sorry it looks wonky.  I got the fortune in my lunch Saturday.  I'm really hoping it means job wise!!!  Kevin was going on about something random but Bill & I decided it means I'll have a new job.  Kevin put up the shelves to the left and the frame on the right Saturday as well.  

Sunday was more of the same Bill came back to finish up everything and put a second coat of Spackle (I think?) on the wall.  We were in super cleaning mode cause our good friends Stephanie and Pete were coming over!!  

We went out for tapas at La Tasca Tapas.  It was fabulousness.  I've been there a couple of times and I'm so glad I got two Groupons when they were for sale!  I got my goat cheese with tomato basil sauce mmmmmm!  Stephanie was able to start crossing off another one of her 101 too.  I meant to make Steph get a photo of the four of us but I totally forgot so I guess we'll have to just go out again soon and get one then!  

  1. Aww happy 6 months of being married girl!! Hopefully the fortune means new job and new condo ;)
    Dinner was great, we're definitely doing it again.

  2. hey thats stephanie from bourbon and glitter! i recognize that beautiful face of hers!