The Nuns

"I'm an Archivist for a group of nuns"

That is the look I always get when I answer someone's question of what I do.  For some people it's the nun's part that throws them but most it's the whole sentence.  If you've been reading for any amount of time you've either read or come to realize that I'm in museum work.  

I realize that nuns are not museums but I do work for them that I went to school for.  To make things easier (yay wikipedia)  I'll just copy and past the definition of archivist for you.  An archivist ("AR-kiv-ist") is a professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to information determined to have long-term value.  

That's the short of what I do .... now on to the more interesting part of that sentence.  Yup I work for nuns.  No I am not a nun.  People I don't know get odd at the point and for some reason think I am a nun ... Hello cashier at Maurices would I be in this store buying this top if I was a nun? I'm gonna go with a NO!  I've been working with the nuns for over a year now (yay! for employment still wish it was full time though)

When I say nuns most people get this in their mind. 

These are some of my nuns.

All of them look more like your grandmother than you would think of a stereotypical nun.  This time of year is fun since many of the nuns are keeping the wacky Christmas sweater stores in business.  

In addition to a love of crazy sweaters a lot of sisters also seem to enjoy going to the local casinos.  I know what you're thinking and I thought the exact same thing when I heard them talking about going for the first time.  Further proof that I work for some rebellious nuns, in the 1970's they broke of from another group of nuns after a conflict of beliefs with the group that most sisters were a part of.  I found out recently that splitting a group like that is not done and not allowed.  SO it was pretty revolutionary for them to go through that entire process. 

I don't work with just nuns, there are lay people who work in the center itself.  That brings it's own set of fun issues.  Although I'm sure working anywhere brings it's own fun set of colleagues!  That's just a little bit about my nuns and now you know when someone says "I"m an Archivist for a group of nuns" what that means!

Happy weekend everyone!

  1. Hi there! Found your blog through the blog hop! I am excited to connect with you! Would love a visit from you over at my blog

  2. So jealous of your job!! I love nuns. I mean LOVE them. When I was in Rome I seriously chased them down to take photos every time I saw them! My great aunt was a nun and I just think that it is such an amazing calling.


  3. This must be such an interesting job! My aunt is a nun and her nun friends look a lot like that picture you showed - what fun ladies!