I hate tourists!

Yup I said it.  I HATE tourists.  I realize that being in the museum profession one would think I would be coming into contact with tourists all the time ... NOPE.  I work behind the scenes on the 3rd floor, in the basement, or in the back room where everyone forgets I'm there.  From my 3+ years of commuting into Chicago I have also developed very very low tolerance for tourists/non-commuting individuals. 

Started out very early in my day today.  I'm waiting on the train platform for my morning train and this little Asian lady with her fanny pack comes right up and stands maaaaybe four inches from me.  Now it's not like the platform is at all crowded we're standing on the end where the front car will stop.  She's right by my bag/purse which always freaks me out when people stand that close to it.  My brain goes crazy and tries to figure out if I can the person if they try to snatch it ... well I think I could have probably taken the little Asian lady who was about as tall as my shoulders.  

Had a lovely train ride and then more issues with the little lady and man.  Now I'm not sure how any other cities transportation works but on the Metra if people line up and they are at the back of the seat you wait and let those people out first then you move.  A sort of every other person, every other row type deal.  Well this couple got all up in the person in front of them's business and almost didn't let me out of my row.  It was ridiculousness.

One of the two worst things of commuting is the escalator.  It seems that people have been getting worse lately too ugh!  People do not seem to understand the "stand right walk left"  concept anymore.  It drives me crazy!  I just want to get my butt from the second to the first floor at a brisk pace.  The ones who are just sort of hanging in the middle so no one can even zig zag around are the worst.  I want to just yell at them haha. 

Riding the 130 or 146 bus during the spring and summer is also the worst thing ever!  Tourists have no clue about moving to the back of the bus.  I will eventually (maybe like two stops later ugh) fight my way to the back of half of the accordion bus only to see there are tons of empty spots for people to sit.  AHHH stupid tourists!  I won't even go into the whole stroller issue.  I only commute downtown one day a week these days ... imagine the stories and the rants I'd have if I did it five days a week! 

  1. Argh isn't that just the truth?! They can be ridiculous in Chicago, it's like there's no common sense or decency. Especially on the CTA!!

  2. I totally understand! I work at a large museum in Philadelphia so I encounter lots of tourists daily... How come the lovely tourists are so outnumbered by the crazy absent minded ones?

  3. Ah I hate tourists also! Now, I live in St. Louis, but I travel often so I'm usually aware of my surroundings.

  4. OMG I hate when they stand in the middle of the escalator! How is it a hard concept to move to the side? You are nicer than mean cause I tell them to move lol