High Five For Friday

Friday is here! Although technically yesterday was my Friday.

1. Yay for more fabulous sales.  Went a bit nutso online with Macys and Maurices.  Picked up my Maurice's order today and did end up returning a few items, which makes me feel somewhat better about spending some money!  Got some cute new tops and a new black dress.  I realized I didn't have one that wasn't a sweater dress so I feel $14 was worth it. : )  

2.  Being in the Field Museum every week.  Walking in their each week just makes me happy and hopeful that someday I'll be working at world class museum like that (full time permanent).  

3.  Found a bunch of job openings in my field this week that I actually wouldn't hate doing!  Hopefully all those job apps will come to fruition and I will land a couple of interviews.  Keep you fingers crossed for me!

4.  Yay for getting over halfway done with Christmas presents!  

5.  Attempting to write this post I've realized that I had a super boring week this week.  So I really don't have a 5th one that won't involve the weekend so I guess it's nice to have boring weeks sometimes haha.  

I'm working on putting my 101 list up top on the tabs so we'll see if I can figure it out faster than 20 minutes. Took me about an hour to figure out button stuff!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and don't forget we change clocks.  Yay more sleep!

  1. Good luck with the apps, hopefully one works out for you! And props for being halfway done already, I am behind this year! I am normally done by Thanksgiving, but I only have like 2 things purchased so far...

  2. The 101 page will be easier than buttons, I promise! Mine just took a minute. You're really getting the hang of things fast!!
    Can't wait to go out in all our new clothes :)

  3. I have the same polka dot top from Maurices I get compliments every time I wear it!! :)

  4. Thanks Kalie! I've been working on a bunch of homemade stuff (see my Halloween post for one!) so I want to get it done early.

    Erin, hopefully I'll get the same reactions too! I'll be sure to post a pic when I finally wear it and everything else I splurged on yesterday!