5 Things I'm Loving ....

So I had another post in the works for today but when I came across the link up through Brin at Bold Butter Baby I thought it would be a good link up to meet new people!

1.  Since I already commented about this obsession of the moment I'll add it here too.  I've been totally obsessed with the Harvest Salad at Corner bakery!  Having a CB at the Field Museum has meant I've been getting it every week.  It's the best combination of favors and textures with the walnuts, blue cheese, apples, chicken and the crispy thing on top.  SO GOOD!  If you're not by a CB try Potbelly's Uptown Salad which is almost the same thing.  For the love of my sanity Stephanie go try it!!!

2.  New York & Company clothes and accessories.  This isn't a new obsession  this is an always one.  I think at this point my wardrobe is half NY&Co and half Old Navy.  I guess I do have a new love of dresses though.  Used to wear them all the time when I was younger but kinda got out of the habit.  Now I'm all in again.  I've probably added 10 dresses to my closet in the past 12 months (all at very low prices though!)  This is one is top of my stalk list

3.  I'm loving that Stephanie and I have started our 101 in 1001 lists today!  We' both already have a rousing start to our lists so keep us going and keep us honest.

4.  I'm excited that we're coming up to the holiday season.  I know it's going to be crazy (there has already been tears over plans I thought were set & got disrupted by family) but I'm just excited to see everyone and all the celebrating.  I'm already hip deep in procuring everyone's gifts and I feel great about that, especially since I've been working a number of more involved handmade gifts this year.

5.  I'm loving blogging!  I'm still very new and have just completely dived right in.  At the time I started up there were a bunch of things that were getting me down (job search, issues with "friends") but seeing my success on my blog (even though it's still small) has been such an uplifter!  Thanks everyone who has started following and commenting, it means a lot!!

  1. Thanks for linking up! :) I haven't been to NY&C for a LONG time!

  2. That's a fantastic photo of me :) haha i promise to try the salad asap! I swear!

  3. I am a sucker for all things NY&C too!