Wishing it was Tuesday ....

I'm guessing everyone can second that sentiment today.  I'm looking out the window and it's the type of weather that makes you want to crawl back in bed followed by more dreary and rain this afternoon.  Yay for almost winter in Chicago!  That's also another Chicago staple ... sarcasm : )

So my weekend was pretty tame.  Friday I just got stuff done and hung out by myself that night.  I did end up getting my fabulous Harvest salad from Corner Bakery.  I cannot say how much I love that salad enough. Getting free bacon mac & cheese (also from CB) for lunch and having that salad for dinner was the best parts of my Friday haha.  

Hubby's Friday was more interesting.  He had an out of town show, about 3 hours south of Chicago.  Show itself was good but afterwards there was this guy (supposedly a Vancouver Kanuk but who knows!), he was drunk and went kinda nuts.  Punched a bartender, tossed a girl on the floor and threw a bar stool at the bartender again.  Crazy right?  

Saturday was more fun for me.  I worked a holiday vendor thing at the local mall for Pampered Chef.  It was actually a pretty good day for me.  I got information from two people who wanted to have shows!  Met up with the husband for dinner at Stir Crazy. If you are not in an area that has Stir Crazy you should go find one cause it's delicious! 

Sunday was tame.  I went to another mall in the area (darn you NY&Co and your 70% off clearance sale!) and ended up with information from two other people who want to host Pampered Chef shows!!!  Yay!  Thank goodness for shopping addiction right?  Then a nice dinner with Kevin's parents.  I had a nice relaxing weekend but he's still recovering from three late late night shows unfortunately. 

  1. Oh my goodness, bar night was indeed busy! I think I would have stayed home with you ;)

  2. I'm your new gfc friend. your blog's title caught my attention. I live in Philadelphia, even a non museum lover can turn into one here :)
    would be great if you visit my blog & follow if you like it!


    ~Abigail K

  3. Ash Louise, this was one weekend I was glad I stayed home! There was even more crazy (dealing with the upsetting weekend before) so I'm glad I wasn't there and wasn't a part of it!!

    Abigail thanks for the add! I'm following you now too. I've never been to Philly but hear there are some good museums. If you visit any soon I'd love to have you guest appear on my blog!