Weekend Update!

Alright I apologize now cause it might be a long one what with the weekend and the couple of giveaways I found and want to share : )


Had Stephanie's Pampered Chef party!  It was so much fun.  I did a new format, all simple appetizers and tasted the Margarita Itty Bitty Bev and everything was delicious.  Realized this morning when I was starting to write today's post that we didn't take any photos!  I wanted to make sure I got some of me in action so I could post them here and on my website, darn!  Well I might just have to fake it in my own kitchen to get some shots.  Also wanted to share that the Pampered Chef Giveaway is still going on.  If you place an order (to get more entries too!) as part of Stephanie's show I will give you a FREE fall product as part of your order.

After the show and one ridiculous cab ride (5 people in the backseat) we headed to Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville for my husband's show.  Check out their facebook and website, 'Stache, he's the cute bassist.  Not much more to say that can't be said with photos!


Was spent getting ready to head to Peoria, IL for another 'Stache show.  Hubby and I had lunch at Corner Bakery before we left.  Only reason I mention this is because I am obsessed with one of their salads, the Harvest Salad with chicken.  I have literally been eating one a week since I tried it way back in August (thank you Field Museum CB!) Go try one now!  

We met up with Kevin's parents, his brother & wife, Becky (who live by Peoria) and her mother at the show.  We all had a fabulous time and drinks were so darn cheap that even I could get a round of shots for us!  Becky's mom is a hoot, she's pint sized crazy fun with a camera out always. Saturday did not end well for me at all unfortunately.   Had some issues with a friend.  I probably should have known better and just stayed out of it and he shouldn't have reacted to me the way he did (yelling and walking away instead of talking to me).  I'm a crier so of course I'm crying after that, till 3am then some of Sunday.  Once I start I can't stop!


Low key day.  We were coming home most of the day.  Stopped in Dwight, IL.  My husband works for a sign company and one of his projects was in Dwight so we stopped and took this photo of him.  Felt like the dorky mom so proud and taking a photo haha.  

Other than that we did laundry, more cleaning and organizing of our condo.   Our condo is a whole other post ... 1 bedroom space for two people, one with a bass habit the other with a Pampered Chef habit!  

Happy Monday!

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