Pampered Chef

I mentioned this before ... somewhere ... in my little about me blurb maybe?  I am a Pampered Chef consultant!  I still a newbie of a little over a year now, seems I've been doing a lot of new things in the past year!!!

I've always really loved Pampered Chef products ... knew I was an adult when that happened.  I toyed with the idea of becoming a consultant for probably almost two years.  Now you must know having a degree and being in a field where you do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions all I have to is my poor director.  We must have met up for tea (I don't drink coffee so I always have tea) probably almost 20 times.  Each meeting was probably an hour long discussion and Q&A.

I finally decided that you know what screw it!  I'll just jump in and go for it.  You can ask all the questions and think of all the outcomes you want but you just don't know what's going to happen till you go for it.  It has turned out amazing so far.  I am not down the career path at the moment so I do my two shows a month, get my awesome bonus.  The picture at the right is my faaaavorite bonus I earned, I use that lunch tote all the time.  

I am super excited/nervous for tomorrow evening.  My good friend Stephanie of Bourbon and Glitter is hosting a show with me.  She lives downtown so that means I have to pack for a train ride, which means no everything and the kitchen sink!  What can I say I love the products so I love to bring them all to show.  Also I am trying a new appetizer format so I'm nervous about that too!!!  Be sure to check out her Pampered Chef giveaway right now.  She is giving away one of my favorite items!

Favorite PC products of the week!

Crispy bacon from the MICROWAVE in minutes? OH YES it's possible with the Small Ridged Baker.  Win it!

New cult favorite! Make mini meatloaves, little cakes, killer brownies and anything else your mind can come up with in the Brownie Pan.

This is an all time favorite of mine. Mix 'N Chop ... you'll love it!
  1. SO going to check out what I need to order from the Pampered Chef through Steph's giveaway. LOVE it :)

  2. Love it! And love that you entered my giveaway for Pampered Chef!

  3. JKT go order!! There are some fabulous new products this fall. Check out some of the new gift sets.

    Brooke I know! I felt a bit odd but I LOVE Pampered Chef what can I say? That's why I started up free and discounted products. My spatula is on it's last legs and I still don't have the dessert cookbook. I'm ALL over your giveaway : )