Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear...'Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.'

Hello everyone!  Hope you had lovely weekends.  Mine was actually pretty good, spent it with the parents since the husband was up in Wisconsin with his dad.

Friday night my parents and I went to Drury Lane Oakbrook (they do fabulous musical theater there) for Xanadu.  Yup the 1980 Oliva Newton John Xanadu.  While I have yet to see that version, on hold for it at the library, I'm guessing that the Drury Lane version was spoofing the original version a bit which led to hilariousness!  Here are a couple of photos I pulled from the website.  If you are in the Chicagoland area I really suggest you go see it.  I think I was laughing 80% of the time!

Saturday was pretty tame.  Ran a bunch of errands and tried to pack up a little bit more of the stuff I want to keep but store at my parents stuff.  Ran tons of errands for the parents and myself, church, dinner, and bed.  Yup I'm lame haha.

Sunday was more of the same just hanging out.  OH I did get to hang out with my doggie nephew.  That's him and I on a walk with my dad.  It ended up decent, Bowser didn't walk me toooo much!  It was interesting being around an 80 lb. dog for the weekend.  Let's just say he wasn't the one moving if you ran into him.

So today started off kinda meh.  Not bad but not really great, it is Monday after all.  Then I got a couple awesome emails! First from Nicholl of The Chiffon Diary.  I won a giveaway!  Know as you know since blogging I've become addicted, I've never had good luck with anything.  I enter so many (legit ones) online and never win.  WOOO!

I also just got an email from the Pampered Chef saying that I've reached $10,000 in sales!  For only doing about 1-3 shows a month this past year I'd say in one years time that's a pretty good total!

Check ya later!

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