I'm cheap

Yup I'll admit it ... I'm cheap.  I'm a couponer (not extreme though!) in training but I'd like to think that I'm the clearance & deal queen.      

My couponing for groceries leaves something to be desired.  It's so hard to not get something fun and new each week.  I do try and get good deals on our regular items though.  My go to for info is Jill Cataldo, she is actually a Chicago burbs local so in addition to the big places like Target and Walmart she gives info on Dominicks and Jewel!  Every week Jill goes through and lists what item is the best deal, what coupon to use (online ones, from the paper or if the store has one) and what your end price you pay will be.  My favorite part is that she tracks produce and meat prices as well!  I've been partial to Dominicks (Safeway)  because with their Fresh Rewards you have personalized deals based on what you buy, I've been getting tons of produce deals!!

My husband teases me that I have a deal or coupon for anything when we run our errands or go out to dinner.  I belong to almost every email newsletter/reward club of every place we shop or restaurant in the area.  I would highly suggest you do the same!  A lot of places to eat will give you something free the first time you sign up, be sure to space it out since they have expiration dates.  Took advantage of another favorite today.  Ulta's 20% your entire purchase.  I know I know that's not that great but if you didn't know that you can use manufacturers coupons with that 20% off it becomes an amazing deal!  Stocked up on some of the things I needed today : )  

I wanted to show you my latest Target finds!  If you haven't been to Target recently go now cause the clearance is AWESOME!!!  Found this dress a while back, actually bought it full price ($25) but couldn't bear to pay that much so I returned it ... found it last night for $12!  Also found the shoes to the left  for $2.66!!!!!!!!  Perfect Christmas gift for one of my friends (hopefully they fit) They're an online buy for $10.48, which for heels is still a fabulous deal!  Got so many other good deals but don't want to share too much since they're Christmas presents. 

Now for my most recent addiction that is the best deal ... FREE!!  

  1. I am right there with you on the 'cheapness!' Everyone always laughs at me for my coupons & discounts....but are always willing to share them with me, of course ;)

    I do the same and subscribe to EVERY email list. You typically end up with some pretty great deals!

    I need to get better about the grocery coupons, though. THAT is something that I have not yet tackled. Maybe soon :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Exactly! I'd rather have to delete the emails than not have it when something comes around. Like I said Jill does a pretty good job with some of the bigger box stores, definitely check it out.

  3. Haaa! I get you on being cheap. First because I am as serious trend follower...unless my mom buys me something - she's the setter! And second, because I just don't like buying stuff full price when I know I can find it somewhere for a cheaper price. And I ALWAYS have that mindset! :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I'm so not trendy which helps haha. I'll wait till the end of the season, when it goes super clearance & then buy it. Luckily my style and what I tend to buy even if it is something trendy will usually still be in style next year too.

  5. target has the best deals! love!