Hello, my name is Betsy and I'm a Pinterest-aholic

So one of my new found loves (like everyone else in the blogsphere and the world!) is Pinterest.  I resisted for sooo long to actually go on and look to see what it was.  I get hooked on things so easily, i.e. the Farmville obsession of winter 2011.  Luckily I've kicked that habit.

Now one of my absolute favorite things is to look at recipes, especially recipes with photos.  I do NOT understand cookbooks that don't have any photos at all.  I personally like to see what I'm going to eat before I eat it, no blindfolding me in any restaurants!  When I realized all of the recipes (with pictures!! which is the whole point yes I get it)  I went craaaaazy!  Not just for the recipes, although I have like 5 boards of just recipes.

Here are some of my oldie but goodie pins:

These are the best thing ever!  I made them to go to my BFF and unbiological twin for her birthday.  If I hadn't severely restrained myself I would have probably eaten half of it!  The recipe was super easy and they came out delicious!

This is my next DIY project.  I bought the materials and am going to make a version in blues for my brother in law and his wife.  It seems easy, paint canvases different colors swirl white paint on top.  I'll let you know how it goes!

It still looks like a backwards G to me. 

I have a bunch of super cute hairstyles pinned but I am sooo terrible at doing my own hair.  It took me like an entire year to figure out how to do some semblance of the smoky eye.  Miss Stephanie said she would do my hair one night when we head out, I guess being a cheerleader for years has it perks!  I will be holding her to that offer soon. 

Those are just a couple of my most favorite ones.  Don't worry though there will be sooo many more to come, especially once I figure out a better way to embed them in. 

  1. Yes, I am great at hair!

    Wanna know a bloggy secret? When you're on the pin, look on the right. One of the options says "embed" Yeah, click that, copy the code, paste it into the html editor. voila. like magic for lazy people.

  2. Such a perfect pony tail! I saw while commenting on shannas blog about the may books you are a gamma phi?! I was too! Alumni now but it's always fun to find other gphis! Where are u a gphi at? New follower btw :)

  3. Hmmm I saw the embedded part but when I previewed it the code was still a big jumble of crazy. I will attempt again.

    Kelly, yay! I have an odd story. I went to Valparaiso (which has a chapter Zeta Iota) but didn't end up joining until I was an alum into ISU Delta Pi chapter. I was actually inducted at the 08 convention. Thanks for following, I love finding other GPhis too!