So unlike the rest of America (at least most of my friends!) I had a very low key and un-Halloween weekend.  I have had a super productive weekend though!  Thursday night I crossed off one of the items from my 101 in 1001 list.  We bought new couches!  I was hoping to wait and purchase one piece at a time, since the idea of putting down $2,300 all at once freaks me out.  With the couches we currently have killing my husbands back and not doing me any favors, we decided to go for it and tell our parents for Christmas get us giftcards for places we buy our groceries at : ) We got the three and two seater!

So Stephanie and I both decided to officially start our lists November 1 but we both have actually already crossed things out ... I know I know we're such overachievers.   The entire weekend has been full of getting things accomplished for me.  Ran a bunch of errands, worked on finalizing some Pampered Chef bookings (if anyone is interested in a catalog show I'll be throwing in something special for you : )  and today we're cleaning and being all sorts of productive.  

I finished up the Pinterest DIY project for a Christmas present this weekend too!  It ended up being super easy.  The hardest part was figuring out how to keep it from sticking to the newspaper while drying.  So I ended up drying them on top of all the little paint bottles!  Here is the original, after I painted the colors and the very end result.

I think I might have to start up my 1 DIY thing each month for a year since I'm off to such a good start already!  If anyone has a good recommendations send them my way or let me know which off my "I Can Do It Myself" board I should do.

  1. I think your DIY turned out great! I'm impressed :)
    Yay for starting on our lists, I think we're definitely making progress. Can't wait to see the new couch in person, and cross "visit friends in the burbs" off my list at the same time.

  2. Great job on the DIY! I've been wanting to create my own DIY project but it keeps on getting pushed every weekend! I'm going to Pin that pin on my board and hopefully I get to make it soon!

    I found you on the Weekend Update LInk up and I'm now following :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  3. JanM <3 thanks for following! I've gone over to yours now too. This DIY was super super easy and pretty cheap (thank you Michaels coupons!). I would highly suggest getting better paint brushes though. I got cheapos and they were kind of a pain to use.

    Stephanie we won't get it till probably the 7th (gotta get rid of the current ones!). I was actually thinking of seeing if you guys wanted to come out this Sunday ...

  4. Hi Betsy! I love your DIY: I found you on the "Sippy Cup and Pearls" blog, I'm always looking for new blogs to read and would love to follow each other! :D My weekend was quite un-Halloweeny too: I live on a college campus and if you're not into the drinking/party scene there aren't many options (for shame, because I love dressing up!).

  5. Wow very rarely do I see someone FINISH a Pinterest DIY hehe so bravo!

  6. Thanks for the follows ladies!! I'll be continuing my 101 task of one pinterest DIY a month for a year so keep me honest!