101 in 1001!

So my very good friend Stephanie  has pressured me again.  I give into peer pressure way too easily don't I? : )  We've been inspired to start our own 101 in 1001 lists.  This past summer I had a summer bucket/to do list with one of my bffs, Jackie, so I already had a head start on a few of the items on my list.  I think we should start it up ASAP!  What do you think?  Also I have a couple of items that aren't very specific but I know I want to do something (see #22 & #69 for sure).  Suggestions welcome!

1.                  Find a full time job!
2.                  Recruit one consultant
3.                  Learn to use RaisersEdge
4.                  Organize my Pampered Chef business
5.                  Take a library cataloging class
6.                  Submit at least two job applications each day for a month
7.                  Write a professional article

8.                  Get 100 followers on my blog
9.                  Fix my blog layout
10.              Blog 3 times a week for 4 months
11.              Blog 5 times a week for 3 months
12.              Make $1 (at least) from my blog

13.              Visit Kevin's uncle in Dallas
14.              Travel further west than Nebraska!
15.              Visit Disney World again
16.              Go to Hawaii
17.              Purchase Disney Vacation Club points
18.              Visit Becky where ever she is living
19.              Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
20.              Take the Amtrak somewhere
21.              Take a day trip (or weekend) to a nearby city (Milwaukee, Madison, Indy?)

Source: imgfave.com via Katie on Pinterest

22.                Scrapbook ... use all my supplies?  Make a book for myself?
23.                Make 1 DIY craft from pinterest every other month for a year
24.                Make a small window box herb garden
25.                Send out Christmas cards

26.                 Use the crock pot once a week for 4 months
27.                 Take a cooking class
28.                 Make 1 recipe from each of my cookbooks and cooking magazines
29.                 Try absinthe 
30.                 Try Sushi
31.                 Make 3 different ice creams using our maker
32.                 Make homemade pasta
33.                 Make a meat, chocolate and cheese fondue with our new fondue pot
34.                 Plan at least two meals a week for a month
35.                 Make 5 freezer meals a month for three months (doesn't have to be consecutive!)
36.                 Make my mom's/grandfather's meatballs and sauce (from scratch) recipe on my own
37.                 Try an ethnic food I haven't before
38.                 Try 5 fruits & 5 vegetables I've never eaten before
39.                 Attend high tea
40.                 Eat 3 famous Chicago food products

41.                 Organize my recipes (saved emails, links and physical ones)
42.                 Digitize all of my hard copy photos, organize them, and back them up
43.                 Digitize all of the photos from my grandma, organize them (archivally), and back them up
44.                 Pack up the stuff that's at my parents that I want to keep
45.                 Make a birthday calendar (that can be used from year to year)
46.                 Develop a cleaning system and stick to it for an entire month straight 
47.                 Organize the files on my computer & hard drive (music, job apps, photos, etc.)
48.                 Organize personal Gmail account and achieve “Inbox Zero”

49.                 Take MORE dancing lessons as a couple
50.                 Take Hubby to a Bears game
51.                 Have a monthly [fancier] dinner date with my husband for 1 year
52.                 Play a board game with my husband once a week for three months 
53.                 Spend a whole day on the couch with the hubby watching movies
54.                 Spend a whole day playing video games with hubby
55.                 Go without eating out for a month
56.                 Go a month without getting annoyed with each other over stupid things

57.                 Work on my French again
58.                 Loose 10 lbs five times in a row
59.                 Watch 3 classic movies I have never seen
60.                 Walk 1 mile a day for 1 month
61.                 Learn and be able to use 100 Greek words/phrases
62.                 No spend month 
63.                 Learn how to braid my hair
64.                 Wear make up every day for a month
65.                 Give up chocolate for a week
66.                 Take belly dancing lessons in person
67.                 Take 1 different class each month at my gym for 6 months
68.                 Go to 3 programs at my local library a year
69.                 Student loans .... pay off X amount (need too look at how much is left)
70.                 Leave a $20 tip on a meal that's less than $20

71.                 Go to the Bristol Renaissance Festival
72.                 Attend a live taping of Judge Mathis
73.                 Send a video into AFV
74.                 Throw my first dinner party in our home.
75.                 Join and be active in two Meetup groups in my area
76.                 Take the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour
77.                 Attend the opera
78.                 Play Whirlyball again
79.                 Go back to Valpo for a basketball game once a year
80.                 Go back for Valpo Homecoming once
81.                 Find and join a trivia night group
82.                 Have a special girls day/night with my mom and sister-in-law once a month for a year
83.                 Host party for friends (they are all in the city makes things difficult!)
84.                 Have both of our parents over for dinner 3 times in a year
85.                 Get together with each friend who lives within 50 miles (we all keep saying we'll get together soon!)
86.                 See the Northern Lights
87.                 Hold an office in one of the Gamma Phi alumnae groups I'm active in
88.                 Catch a Northern Pike

89.                Sell our Condo!
90.                Find a new condo/house/apartment
91.                Find a new couch (and loveseat if we're able to afford it!)
92.                Own another piece of artwork
93.                Make/find a crescent (artwork, wall decor, something) for our home
94.                Kinda want a hedgehog ... or maybe a fish ...

95.                 Wear every item of clothing & jewelry I own at least once ... have already started this past summer! 
96.                 Finish reading every book I own
97.                 Find a good must read book list and read them all
98.                 Buy a new digital camera
99.                 Find 5 LPs of my favorite albums (includes going through dad's and seeing if he wants them anymore!)
100.             Put $5 into savings for every goal accomplished.
101.             Celebrate completing our 101 with Stephanie!

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  1. I might be biased, but I love your list :) Let's get started!